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*Result may vary from person to person based on varying factors

This place is wonderful and the 'REAL' thing. If you are looking for balance and wellness, this is the place for you. There are NO magic pills, just hard work and support for your goals.

Beverly S.

So far I've lost 30 pounds*, and I feel great! It's a lot of hard work and dedication but Dr. Brown is great at what he does. It's definitely worth the cost of the program, but you must be serious. He can't make the weight go away for you.

Shar J.

Dr. Brown has a novel approach to weight loss. He really gets to the core of your difficulty losing weight in terms of both what's going on at a physical and spiritual level. He explains the science of what's going on in your body from day one of the course*. I've enjoyed this program. I am losing weight but have also found that the weight loss is really just a side effect. As our souls heal, we will make healthier choices and the weight will come off naturally...

Passion C.

I've made drastic changes in my life worth the investment in myself. Down 40lbs* and plan to keep it off with lifestyle change. Dr. Brown's methods are proven!

Rudy W.

We've all seen ads about miracle weight loss, pills you can take, or other magical ways that you can transform your body into an ideal body image. But what does it really takes to bring miracles in your life is not majic; it's knowledge. I'm loosing weight, but I'm gaining so much more. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to live a lifestyle of wellness. 

Linda C.

After my husband had two heart attacks and deemed genetically compromised with high cholesterol; he thought that he was at a loss, until we meet Dr. Brown. To support my husband, we joined the program together. Together we worked hard using simple food strategies and it paid off. So far, he has lost 25lbs and I lost 15lbs*.  Dr. Brown keeps you motivated and is very passionate about wellness and weight loss. His positive energy helps his patients understand that what we do in this program is not a "fad" but a "life style".  Thank you Dr. Brown.  You are heaven sent.

Patricia D. R.

*Result may vary from person to person based on varying factors
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