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Have you tried popular diets such as Atkins or South Beach, or even completed a commercial weight-loss program such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, only to lose a few pounds and then gain it all back? If you’re tired of weight-loss gimmicks and dead-end diets, it’s time for you to consider medical weight loss.
Medical weight loss is rapid and safe weight loss under the care of a medical doctor. It does what other diet programs cannot: ”Identify and treat the root causes of weight gain by reversing the medical causes of weight gain, restoring a healthy metabolism, and blocking excessive food cravings through natural and prescription methods.”


Why Medical Weight Loss?
It is reasonable to ask “Why medical weight loss versus other non-medical weight loss programs?” And the answer is that the body resists weight loss through several hormonal, metabolic and behavioral pathways. Only a medical doctor with a focus on and special training in weight loss understands the body systems sufficiently to treat the root causes of weight gain.

Non-medical, commercial weight-loss programs only scratch the surface in treating excessive weight gain, which has led to billions being spent every year on dieting and weight loss programs, but with very low success rates. Additionally, commercial weight-loss programs are unable to provide the monitoring by a trained physician of safe weight reduction if prescription appetite suppressants are used based on a person’s unique health status.


Progam Design

Our weight-loss program is designed to be in-depth, personal and life-changing. Dr. Brown’s philosophy is that excessive weight gain is a multi-layered process involving much more than just will power and calories in/calories out.

By the time most people consider medical weight loss, they have already tried several commercial weight loss programs and fad diets but are still unsuccessful at sustainable weight loss. The truth of the matter is that after so many unsuccessful attempts to lose weight some people may have lost confidence in their ability to succeed at sustainable weight loss. Thankfully medical weight loss provides a solution to this very common situation.

With your positive desire, persistence, and determination to be healthy and lose weight, our program restores your confidence that you can achieve your ideal body weight. Our program identifies and resolves whichever psychological barriers that are standing in your way. And it reverses any medical causes of weight gain, restores a healthy metabolism and blocks excessive food cravings through natural and prescription methods.
The program is most effective over either six or twelve months, depending on your unique needs. It is divided into a three-step medically supervised program to help you accomplish your weight loss goals safely and quickly. The first step is the active weight loss phase which lasts until your desired weight is reached. The second step is the transitional phase where you add certain types of foods back to your diet and begin to accelerate physical activity. The third step is the maintenance phase where you will maintain your ideal weight with our continued support. Over the period of the program you will have one to two monthly face-to-face or live video, life-changing sessions with Dr. Brown and/or health coaches. Each session addressing and implementing the focus points as outlined below based on your unique health status. The reason the program works best over a minimum six months of duration is that the weight didn't come on overnight and won't go away overnight. You need time, space, and support to build the new habits you need to get the results you want.

Dr. Brown’s program is a serious program designed for people serious about losing weight and improving their health. Click learn more to get more details about the program's structure.  
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During program, you're under the direct supervision of a medical doctor. It is certainly okay for other non-physicians to encourage and instruct people on weight loss, but only a medical doctor has the extent of knowledge to understand the complete picture about your health and can safely prescribe weight loss regimens.
It is virtually impossible to get better at something, even weight loss, without honest feedback on how you're doing. We act as your accountability partner to give you the honest and constructive feedback you need to get better one change at a time. And our feeback always comes from a place of mutual understanding - not jugdement. 
We've found after proper behavioral counseling, food education, and metabolic damage repair, that most people don’t need prescription medications for weight loss. But if you’re unique health and life situation requires it, FDA approved prescription medications are available under the direct care of Dr. Brown.




We don’t believe that it is necessary for people to count calories chronically when they re-learn how to eat. Over the first one to two weeks of the program, you’ll maintain a calorie diary just to get a true sense of how many carbs and calories you consume daily for a complete picture of your diet. After this period, trust us you will not need to count calories anymore!
We'll be there for you.For many people, losing weight and maintaining is a lifelong journey. Like any journey, staying on the right path isn't always easy. Continued and ongoing support is one of the most important components of long term weight control. After completing the program, you can have periodic drop-ins and followups.
Under the direct supervision of your primary care doctor and Dr. Brown, you may be able to stop certain prescription medications as your weight and health returns to normal. This program is all about returning the body back to its natural state and avoiding unhealthy man-made toxins and prescription medications if possible.
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What Clients Say

  1. So far I've lost 30 pounds, and I feel great! It's a lot of hard work and dedication but Dr. Brown is great at what he does. It's definitely worth the cost of the program, but you must be serious. He can't make the weight go away for you.
    Shar J.
  2. This place is wonderful and the 'REAL' thing. If you are looking for balance and wellness, this is the place for you. There are NO magic pills, just hard work and support for your goals.
    Beverly S.
  3. Dr. Brown has a novel approach to weight loss. He really gets to the core of your difficulty losing weight in terms of both what's going on at a physical and spiritual level. He explains the science of what's going on in your body from day one of the course. I've enjoyed this program. I am losing weight but have also found that the weight loss is really just a side effect. As our souls heal, we will make healthier choices and the weight will come off naturally...
    Passion C.
  4. Made drastic changes in my life worth the investment in myself down 40lbs and kept it off with lifestyle change Dr. Brown methods are proven!
    Rudy W.
  5. We've all seen ads about miracle weight loss, pills you can take, or other magical ways that you can transform your body into an ideal body image. But what does it really takes to bring miracles in your life is not magic; it's knowledge. I'm loosing weight, but I'm gaining so much more. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to live a lifestyle of wellness.
    Linda C.
  6. After my husband had two heart attacks and deemed genetically compromised with high cholesterol; he thought that he was at a loss, until we meet Dr. Brown. To support my husband, we joined the program together. Together we worked hard using simple food strategies and it paid off. So far, he has lost 25lbs and I lost 15lbs. Dr. Brown keeps you motivated and is very passionate about wellness and weight loss. His positive energy helps his patients understand that what we do in this program is not a "fad" but a "life style". Thank you Dr. Brown. You are heaven sent.
    Patricia D. R.
*Result may vary from person to person based on varying factors
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Meet Dr. Brown

Our program is run by Jeffrey B. Brown, MD. Dr. Brown is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, licensed in the state of Maryland and a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.

He completed his residency training at the Johns Hopkins University/Sinai Hospital Program. Dr. Brown has worked in hospitals and clinics from Johns Hopkins Hospital to Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital. He has been on a mission to empower patients, caregivers, and health-conscious individuals to take charge of their health.

After years of practicing acute-care internal medicine in the hospital setting, Dr. Brown decided to focus his efforts on helping patients lose weight because he knows that being overweight or obese is the root cause of so many other common diseases.

The Affinity Health Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center is a medical practice specializing in medical weight loss (nonsurgical Bariatric Medicine) centrally located near Baltimore, DC and Northern Virginia. Our medical weight loss practice strives to follow the guidelines set forth by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP).
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